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WELCOME TO thailand!
the land of A THOUSAND smiles



“I have always wanted to visit Khram Sakon because of its remarkable clothing and accessories. And now, here I am!
This location operates as a storefront, cafe, and workshop showcasing Sakon Nakhon’s indigo dyeing workshop, which is perfect for millennials like myself. What I love most about this place is the night market, where shopkeepers sell items from their respective communities, all of which are designed specifically with fabrics that utilize indigo dye. Hey, this jacket looks really good! But how do I ask ‘How much is this?’ in Thai? I knew how to say it when I ordered food yesterday! What was it again?”

“Ok, the seller said ‘Sarm-sip baht’. I think ‘sarm’ is three and ‘sip’ is ten, so I suppose that it is 30 baht? Let's just quickly check with my friend Janice here!”

“Did I guess correctly? Is ‘Sarm-sip baht’ really ‘30 baht’?

YES! Spot on! Thai numbering is very similar to Chinese numbering. In Mandarin, ‘san shi’ is also three-ten literally and refers to 30.”

“Now that I have a handle on counting in Thai, I guess I might just head back to Khram Sakon to get more gifts! It’s very common to exchange gifts here amongst friends, so check out our travel guide below for more information on gift-giving over here!


So, you know "sip" is 10. But can you arrange
these numbers in Thai from 1 to 9?

Arrange the pieces by dragging them into our 3 x 3 grid to form a picture.


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