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WELCOME TO thailand!
the land of A THOUSAND smiles

CURRENT DESTINATION: Amphawa Floating Market


“I am now on a boat at the Amphawa floating market. Everything here is sold on and from moving boats! This market is frequented by locals on weekends and offers local products and famous street food such as fish-scale flowers, hoi thot (fried mussel pancake), mangoes and lots more. Me? I’m definitely going to try the spicy Thai basil chicken from one of the food stalls!”


“Thai basil chicken is a world famous dish, but before we tuck in, I’m reminded about some interesting Thai dining etiquette. Let’s take a look at my trusty travel guide.”


“Alright, now let’s chomp down some of this delicious food. Wow, that is really spicy! I think I need to wash it down with a cold drink. What better drink than Thai iced tea!
Now how do we go about ordering? Pim & Kook, please teach us a few useful phrases when dining out here in Thailand!"

These ingredients are what give Thai cuisine the unique flavour that they have. Let's see how much you know about them.

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