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WELCOME TO singapore
the land where the river always flows



“We are here at Merlion Park today! See that statue with a lion’s head and a fish’s body?
That’s the symbol of the island state.
The huge statue is in the middle of the park, located right next to the central business district.
This is a really nice place to stroll about and soak in the city scape.
You can see food carts around too, so get ready to fill your rumbling stomach.
And don’t forget to take a photo with the iconic Merlion!

Shall we ask a local to help us take some photos?
Let’s find out how to greet the right way in Singapore before approaching them.”


“By the way, did you hear how the locals were speaking with one another?
It seems like it’s a language that’s quite unique to me.
It sounds like English but it’s slightly different! I wonder what it is.

Let’s have Tiffanie share a few unique Singaporean phrases with us!”


“Singlish” is a quirky and unique creole that is as flavourful
as the country’s famous street food.
Try your hand at some “Singlish” by filling in the blank below...

  • a) Kiasu
  • b) Bo Jio
  • c) Sabo
  • d) Kay Poh


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