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WELCOME TO singapore
the land where the river always flows



“Right now, we are on our way to Haji Lane.
The colourful alley has caught many people’s attention with its murals and whimsical shops.
Whether it's an ice cream parlour, boutiques to fill your closet, or restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food,
you can find them all right here in this neighbourhood.

Notice the way the locals speak? Let’s try to pick up some ‘Singlish’ phrases.
It’d be so fun to use these phrases with my friends back home!
Shanice, please share with us some useful phrases!”

“These earrings are so cute and the vintage dresses so gorgeous!
There are so many quaint and stylish items at Haji Lane and I want to buy something for my friend as a birthday gift.
By the way, does gifting in Singapore differ from my home country?
Let’s check it out.”


Here are some practical things to remember about
gifting in multi-cultural Singapore.
See if you can get them all right.

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