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WELCOME TO The middle east
the exotic land of timeless treasures



“Look down and check out this view!
The island looks like a string of pearls. It’s no wonder it was named ‘The Pearl’.
I heard that this man-made island is home to many luxurious buildings and first-class facilities!
I would love to take a tour around the island later. Let’s see if we can count the number of buildings from up here.
Oh wait, I don’t know how to count in Arabic.

Huda, could you please teach me how to count in your local language?”

“Oops, I lost count but it was really interesting learning the language! I will try again later!

Oh, look at this shopping catalogue that they have here!
Let’s see if there are any suitable gifts that we can get for Ali when we visit him and his family tomorrow.
They were so kind and generous to us when they visited us and it would be good
if we could bring a gift along with us on our visit.
I wonder what an appropriate gift would be.
Find out along with me!”


I’ve decided on what to get Ali and his family! From what I remember,
Ali really loves sweets, so I’m pretty sure he would like this gift!
Can you try to complete the image of my gift to Ali?

Arrange the pieces by dragging them into our 3 x 3 grid to form a picture.


Simply drag the individual pieces into the puzzle board below, placing them in position.

Click on the icons below to visit more exciting destinations!

Complete all 3 activities per country to get your country stamp in your DIVERSE-CITY digital passport!

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