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WELCOME TO The middle east
the exotic land of timeless treasures



“The journey to Wadi Rum was long and tedious and it’s now already night-time!
But just looking at this spectacular view of the stars in this protected area South of Jordan
made the whole journey worthwhile. It's amazing how bright it is!

The lights make the mountains of sandstone and granite visible even in the night!
Oh yes, I remember hearing from my friends that the Bedouin tribes,
known to be the oldest inhabitants of the deserts of Arabia,
still live among the mountains. How cool is that! We might be able to see them if we’re lucky.

It has been quite a journey and we’re all so hungry! Let’s order some food.
There are so many delicious dishes I have been looking forward to try!
But before that, we have to learn how to order in Arabic first!
Let’s ask Iqah to teach us!”

“Before digging in, let’s learn the proper way to eat like the locals...”


One of the dishes shown here is a famous Middle Eastern Dish.
Which one is it?
*Hint: The dish begins with the letter “K”.



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