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WELCOME TO The middle east
the exotic land of timeless treasures

CURRENT DESTINATION: Socotra Island (Yemen)


“It’s an honour to be able to visit this place! It was once completely inaccessible to people,
but over time, small groups were allowed onto this isolated island.
This island houses over 700 endemic species and has unique plants like Dragon’s Blood Trees,
which has led to the island being called ‘the most alien looking place on earth’. Look around.
Indeed, I’ve never seen such plants before!
I would like to ask a local to bring us around to look for other rare species of plants.

So excited! Let’s learn from Huda some essential greeting phrases first.
Do read on to find out more about the greeting etiquette too!”


“Now that you’ve learned some basic greetings and found out more about how to greet, let’s take a little quiz!”


The following are some important observances about
the greeting culture in the Middle East.
See if you can get them right!

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