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CURRENT DESTINATION: Cameron Highlands, Pahang


“As someone who has been eager to escape the hectic city life, I’m so excited to visit Cameron Highlands
because it provides the perfect respite with its serene and exquisite scenery.
Imagine waking up to the panoramic view of vast and lush tea plantations.
Sounds like a healing experience, right? Founded by the British in the 19th century,
traces of English influence can still be seen in Cameron Highlands.
There are many activities to engage in - strawberry picking, jungle trekking and visiting rose gardens.

After an entire day of strawberry picking and jungle trekking, I'm famished.
I would love to eat some food from the local hawker stalls but I don’t know how to order in Malay!
I’m gonna invite my friend, Mesha, to teach me.”

“Now that I have learnt how to order in Malay, I might as well complete my learning
by finding out more about dining etiquette here. Read on with me!”


The view of the famous Boh Tea Plantation
on Cameron Highlands is just splendid.
See if you can complete the puzzle to see the
beautiful scenery of the lush plantation.

Arrange the pieces by dragging them into our 3 x 3 grid to form a picture.


Simply drag the individual pieces into the puzzle board below, placing them in position.

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