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WELCOME TO Indonesia
THE LAND OF thousand islands



“I was told that the journey to Raja Ampat will be quite tedious, but I did not expect it to be this tiring!
Is it really worth coming here? Hmmm...
Oh... My... Gosh! Look at the view! I’m totally 100% convinced now - Raja Ampat is truly a paradise on earth!
The sight of crystal clear waters and luscious green islands has taken all my fatigue away...
Since our homestay is on another island, we should rent a speedboat first so we can jet around to see the sights...
Now, where is the boat rental? Let’s ask the locals for directions.
But before that, let’s have Carissa teach us how to greet locals in Indonesian first.”

“I'm residing in a local homestay and the hosts here are extremely welcoming.
Their genuine warm smiles just melt my heart!
I really should return their hospitality properly.
Thankfully, I have our trusty travel guide below on how to present a gift in Indonesia.
It is most useful! You should check it out too.”


After our time here, we really fell in love with the Indonesian language! It has such a soothing rhythm to it.
Can you match these common Indonesian greetings
to their respective English translations?

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