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CURRENT DESTINATION: Phugtal Gompa, Jammu & Kashmir


“What a sight to behold! Set on a crusty hill, this Buddhist monastery is built around a natural cave in a cliff.
It is said that way before the Phugtal Gompa was constructed, the cave had already been there from
around 2,500 years ago. Legend has it that 16 key followers of Buddha were the first occupants of this cave.
I can see why the monks found this cave the ideal spot for meditation.
It has such a spectacular view of the Tsarap River! It would totally put your mind at peace.

Oohhh, it’s not getting any earlier. We’d better start making our way back down soon
since the only way out is by walking….. or riding on a donkey if we’re fortunate enough to find one!


"Shall we learn how to order in Hindi while we’re trekking?
I’m so famished I want to be able to order my food the moment I reach a restaurant.
I hope we’ll be able to find an eatery that sells this must-try dish. Let me try to remember what it is……
Oh yes! It’s called 'Masala Kheema'."

Ok ok, let’s get back to learning from Eshan some useful Hindi phrases we’re likely to use at a restaurant!”

“Now that we’ve learnt the necessary phrases,
let’s also find out more about Indian dining manners and etiquette.”


Other than Masala Kheema, there are many other
popular food and beverages in India.
Try your hand at identifying which types of dishes these are.

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