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CURRENT DESTINATION: Verdon National Regional Park

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“Another scenic place in France to tick off my checklist!
Look at the flow of the serene turquoise waters, and the scenery surrounding this Regional Park.
Definitely not to be missed is the Verdon Gorge, which is a prominent feature of this park!
Gosh, I’ve had such a relaxing time in France so far, I even lost track of time! How many days has it been? 4? 5?
Which now got me thinking, how do I count in French?
I think I'm gonna need some help from Rubab."

“It’s been 9 days already? It feels like only 4 days have passed.
  We don’t want to go back home!
This trip has opened our eyes to many aspects of the French culture.
For instance, we never knew that we should buy flowers in odd numbers as gifts for friends.
We never knew too, that we should only start eating when the host says ‘bon appetit’.
I’m glad that we can bring this knowledge back home and share them with our friends!
Check out our trusty travel guide below for more information on gift-giving etiquette in France.”


If invited to a French home,
which kind of flowers should you bring?

  • a) Pink roses
  • b) White chrysanthemums
  • c) Red carnations
  • d) Yellow hyacinths


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