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“Remember ‘Beauty and the Beast’? That’s my all-time favourite Disney movie!
Conques was the village that inspired the opening scene of the movie.
  As we walk through the village, we will come across stone gateways, the communal bread ovens (which still work),
the convent, castle, fortifications and so many more beautiful sights.
It’s like a little piece of Disney magic coming to life!
Remember how Belle danced around the streets and greeted everyone she met? Let’s try that too!”

“Wow, looks like some of the locals are enjoying our dance! Shall we greet them?
Anyone knows the French way of greeting?
Watch and learn from Rubab and refer to our travel guide below to learn some basics.”


Choose the most appropriate greeting for each scenario.

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Complete all 3 activities per country to get your country stamp in your DIVERSE-CITY digital passport!

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