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eBook / Article Title: Thailand society & culture
Author(s): World Trade Press
Year: 2010
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eBook / Article Title: Thai customs & etiquette a practical handbook
Author(s): Marlene Zefreys
Year: 2008
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eBook / Article Title: The King and the making of modern Thailand
Author(s): Rappa, Antonio L.
Year: 2017
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eBook / Article Title: Food Tourism in Asia
Author(s): Park, Eerang ; Kim, Sangkyun ; Yeoman, Ian
Year: 2019
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eBook / Article Title: Lonely Planet Thailand
Author(s): Lonely Planet
Year: 2018
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Film Title: Tongpan
Genre: Documentary
Year: 1994
Length: 63 mins

The British Film Institute calls Tongpan "One of the most important "third world" films of the decade.

It is based on the real life experience of a farmer from the poverty-stricken Northeast region of Thailand.

Tongpan and his family are forced off their land when a dam built nearby caused their farm to be flooded and left it parched in the dry.

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Title: Understanding Thailand

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