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eBook / Article Title: Philippines society & culture
Author(s): World Trade Press
Year: 2010
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eBook / Article Title: 472 days captive of the Abu Sayyaf : the survival of Australian Warren Rodwell
Author(s): East, Bob
Year: 2015
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eBook / Article Title: Lives on the Line : How the Philippines Became the World's Call Center Capital.
Author(s): Sallaz, Jeffrey J.
Year: 2019
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eBook / Article Title: Lonely Planet Philippines
Author(s): Lonely Planet
Year: 2018
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Film Title: Jeepney
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2014
Length: 60 mins

This documentary visualizes the richly diverse cultural and social climate of the Philippines through its mostpopular form of mass transportation: vividly decorated ex-WWII military jeeps. Following jeepney artists, drivers, and passengers: Gerry drives a jeepney that reflects his reverence for nature and tradition; Manny grew up near a US military base and watched the jeepney transform as he did while working abroad; and Lhudz continues the woodcarving skills of his indigenous grandfather with jeepney mud flap carving. Their stories take place amidst nationwide protest against oil price hikes that pressure drivers to work overseas to earn a living, separated from their families for years at a time. Lavishly shot and cut to the rhythm of the streets, Jeepney provides an enticing vehicle through which the rippling effects of globalization can be felt.

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Film Title: Geography Now! Philippines
Genre: YouTube Video
Year: 2019
Length: 19:14 mins
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Title: Understanding Philippines

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