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WELCOME TO cambodia
the kingdom of wonder


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“I personally think that cycling is the best way to enjoy Angkor Wat.
Did you know that Angkor Wat is crowned as the
‘world's largest religious monument’? It is a complex
Buddhist temple covered with intricate carvings of
Hindu cosmology and military victories.
It is also very close to Angkor Thom, a magnificent inner royal city
built before the end of the 12th century.
I’m going to cycle to Angkor Thom later.
For now, let’s stop for a photo first.”

“Hey, my Khmer friends are coming this way!
Let’s greet them with the proper Som Pas. Don’t know what it is?
Let’s take a look at this travel guide right here!”


“And another thing, you can’t perform Som Pas without saying “hello”. What is “hello” in Khmer again? Oudom will tell us how to greet in Cambodian!”


This is an easy one - what is ‘hello’ in Khmer?

  • a) Anak Sokhasabbay Te
  • b) Lea-haey  
  • c) Sous-tei  
  • d) Min Ei Noh Te


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