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CURRENT DESTINATION: Rabbit Island (Kaoh Tonsay)


“I love Staycations! My local friends took me to Kaoh Tonsay saying
that this place would be a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Well, they are definitely right. Located in the Gulf of Thailand,
this island is free of internet connection and has lush greenery and blue waters that are simply sublime!
I feel truly connected to nature and at peace with myself!
I’m going to take a walk around the island and just enjoy nature.”

“Alright, now I’m a little hungry. It’s time for some local cuisine on the island! First, I need to know how to order. For that, I'm going to ask my Khmer friend, Oudom, for some help."

“Alright! I am ready to order! This dish here looks good, what is it called?
Oh right, I need to order in Khmer……
Oh, ‘Bai sach chrouk’. It translates to “pork and rice” in English. This is a common Khmer dish.
I’m going to have some drinks too. Wait, there is a drink called Khmer iced coffee?
As a coffee lover, I definitely need the recipe for this one!”

"Wow, I'm so glad my Khmer friends told me about this delicious beverage!
I think I should give them a token of appreciation for sharing a taste of heaven with me!
Thankfully, I have already read up on the appropriate gifting etiquette in Cambodia
and would love to tell you more about it. Read on!”

It’s always cool to learn a new language!
Match the Khmer eating out phrases
to their respective English translations.

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