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Students who are culturally fluent gain a strong competitive edge as they step out into an increasingly diverse and global working environment. As part of the Singapore Management University’s internationalisation-at-home efforts, in helping to facilitate cultural learning and global exposure in a time of travel constraints, we are proud to present Diverse-City 2020: Around the World in 15 Days!

Diverse-City is an annual Singapore Management University (SMU) campus event that celebrates cultural diversity by raising awareness and appreciation of various ethnic and cultural identities.

This year’s virtual instalment comprises a showcase of cultures from over 20 countries, through lively and experiential online activities featuring iconic landmarks, language, books, films, food, games, quizzes, and forums with Ambassadors and opinion leaders. The team has also curated a series of interactive virtual workshops just for the SMU community, and they include the opportunity to learn conversational Tagalog, whip up Penang Char Kway Teow, create Nagomi art through finger painting, try belly-dancing, and more!

Organised by students from SMU’s international students group, SMU International Connections (ICON), Diverse-City is a ground-up initiative that aims to foster appreciation of different cultures and promote social cohesion. SMU ICON worked closely with the Diversity, Inclusion & Integration team at the Office of Dean of Students, SMU Libraries, International Office and Wee Kim Wee Centre, to map out a two week online cultural festival of educational and experiential activities from 9 to 23 September 2020. Take part in our daily Instagram challenges at 9am and 8pm @smudiverse-city to win prizes: https://www.instagram.com/smudiverse-city/

Over the years, SMU ICON has successfully organised this annual event, which promotes culture and community learning among students and the SMU community. Read about previous years’ events here: Diverse-City 2019 and Global Village 2018.

OUR official logo

As a community, we encourage the appreciation of diversity, uphold the spirit of inclusion, and aim to achieve integration of various cultures on our multi-national campus.

Our objective, as part of SMU’s Internationalisation-at-home efforts, is to showcase beauty and value of contrasting backgrounds, unique heritage and tradition, which is what this logo represents. All colours are distinctive and attractive on their own, and when combined, produce an even more meaningful kaleidoscope, representing the coming together of diverse cultures we celebrate at SMU.

This modern and clean-cut design exudes vibrancy, harmony and hope, marking an important year for us as global citizens, as we journey towards a new paradigm of universal solidarity. Designed in classic varsity font, this logo reflects the event’s significance and maintains a youthful and forward-looking posture.

The letters are presented in a myriad of striking colours and organic textures, representing the rich and wonderful diversity of all people groups in the world. The “i”, both the symbol of the Individual as well as the International community, is filled with a portion of the world map - and also bears the universal location icon. Together, these elements speak of the common ground we share across the globe, whilst at the same time highlighting the different heritage and backgrounds we all come from.